OUR RATING- [5/5] ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommended Ages-  2-12 (Age Appropriate issues for 2-4, 5-7, 8-11)

Available here- MY DEEN MAGAZINE

1. No More Worksheet Printing-

Parents of homeschooling and schooling children alike need  Islamic content which is fun and engaging for their children on a day to day basis. Printing can be a hassle and that’s where deen magazine comes in. It is PACKED with activities for children and now you don’t have to choose from a plethora of websites, when on the go or busy.

2. Family Time-

MY DEEN MAGAZINE has activities that help the family connect with their children through discussions and games. The magazines I received had the following themes & gave parents a chance to have thought-provoking conversations with their children.
There were pages with Ayahs, Hadis, and History. My children and I discussed all the topics at length. I was surprised to hear their thoughts, experiences and what they already knew about these topics. It definitely was quality-time spent with them.

3. Ideal curriculum while traveling-

For those folks who may have extended vacation plans, MY DEEN MAGAZINE
is an educational resource to take along for your children. Pre-planned lessons and activities galore, from subjects like History, Math, English, and Arabic. My six-year-old is currently working on making a game (materials provided in the magazine) which can be portable and perfect for travel!

4. Excellent content for Saturday School/ HomeSchoolers- 

An excellent resource if your child doesn’t go to Saturday or Sunday school which includes,
Also a valuable resource for homeschoolers in search of monthly curriculum made in a fun & engaging way.

5. Activities that pick at brain muscles-

The magazine includes activities that aim to develop brain muscles. 
Sudoku (For 8-11 years)
Word search (For All Ages)
Mazes (For All Ages)
Anagrams (8-11)
Rhyming (2-4)
Scrambled Words (5-7)
Decoding Symbols (5-7)

6. Projects included

YAY!! My children endlessly create, rarely missing out on an opportunity to get their hands on yet another project. It not only keeps them busy, but it also gives them opportunities to learn something new each time they create.

MY DEEN MAGAZINE provides projects with a minimum supply list. No, you don’t have to run to the dollar tree for this one, just simple materials or recyclable products from your house & you’re good.
Friendship Flower (Ages 2-4, materials included)
Salah clock (Ages 5-7, materials not included)
Dua Jar (Ages 8-11, materials not included)
Plant a seed (Ages 8-11, materials not included)

7. Islamic History or Bedtime stories?

I find children to be quite perceptive once they know it’s time for bed. What better time to take your children down history lane, narrating the awe-inspiring discoveries & inventions made by MUSLIMS! Reading is a way to expand a child’s imagination as-well-as to teach them new things about their religion’s past.

8. Penmanship Practice & Fine Motor Development

This point is for the Ages 2-4 edition. The magazine includes activities with,

9. Themes based on Islamic Holidays

I gladly found that MY DEEN MAGAZINE also provided content for the holiday season. (I did not receive magazines based off the holiday theme, but thought it was worth mentioning to my audience). A little something you can cross off your Holiday to-do-list. (Pssst…I saw a holiday discount for the Hajj Magazine).

10. Facts with Positive Muslim Portrayal

The magazines are packed with information about Muslims that may have names, that your children have.
They might have something in common with the people they read about in the magazine. They may be inspired to do as the legends before them.
They’ll dream bigger knowing they come from a people who have contributed greatly to the field of education.
I have a Fatema in my household and I know how proud she is when she sees Fatima Al-Fihri. The effects might not be seen immediately, but you my friend have planted the seeds.

Personal tales with Mimi-

It’s the summer break and we’ve been traveling quite a bit. My husband and I decided to to take it slow and enjoy our time off with the kiddos having no summer camps, limiting activities & lessons of any sort. We spend most of our time outdoors, have our Quran lessons, do a sheet or two of math & read to prevent the summer slide. The Deen Magazine was a beautifully fun addition to our days, giving us a substitute for our Saturday Islamic school.

Note to Parents-

You’ll have to work out which magazine (age range) works best for your child. It’s an added plus that MY DEEN MAGAZINE offers samples to help you figure out which one would work best for your child.

Overall this magazine is a brilliant resource and I hope to see more cut and paste activities as well as projects for my young ones, iA.

Prayers for this beautiful venture aimed at Lil’ Muslims and a special thanks to the creators of Deen Magazine. Jzk Khair for sending me free copies in exchange for honest reviews.

Happy Magazine Subscription,



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