Little Muslim Books | REVIEWS

Inspiring Mini Muslims, One Board book At A Time.

Little Muslim Books is an early literacy venture, aimed to creatively educate your youngest folk for deen & dunya in an entertaining way. 
Written by Shabeena Rehman Illustrated by Kevin Payne
Published by Little Muslim Books in 2018  

The books are comfortably chunky, a great fit for your little ones to flip right through. The illustrations are colorfully done & will not only put a smile to your little ones mouth but also a string of questions. I adore books that encourage conversation/questions & the Zara & Hakeem series did just that. They also have the aspect of repetitive terminology; perfect aimed to increase your little ones vocabulary.
The board book series also shows a family system where the Grandparents, Parents & children live together. (This is a living style, common to most South Asian people). That means Zara & Hakeem’s adventures revolve around all these characters relatable for baby.
I haven’t seen any board book series for Muslim Audiences with the same characters & I feel this would be an excellent resource to help inculcate the love for reading. Where little readers grow to love these little characters. They learn important life lessons with them in every book.
How many times have we seen this happen to us & readers around us?

Hakeem learns As-salamualaikum! Written By: Shabeena Rehman Illustrated by: Kevin Payne
Our Rating: (5/5)
Hakeem learns the meaning of Salam & decides to practice his newly learnt lesson at a family trip to the zoo. An adventurous tale in which Hakeem greets every animal.
Yes, even crocodiles & lions. Read along as baby holds her breath in this action-packed journey.
Zara & Hakeem Learn Alhamdullilah
Written by Shabeena Rehman
Illustrated by Kevin Payne

Our Rating: (5/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A book with two important lessons! Your little one will learn the word “Alhamdullilah” alongside Zara & Hakeem as Mummy falls ill & the entire household goes through a bout of sneezing.
Read along & see how Zara & Hakeem considerately help their grandparents & dad, while Mummy is sick.
This book just like the previous one, uses the story-plot to repeat the term “Alhamdullilah” every time someone sneezes in the family. The repetition- method is an extremely effective one & & is bound to help with vocabulary building.
Things to Learn & See
My First Picture & Words
Book by: Shabeena Rehman & James Tudhope
Published in 2018 by Little Muslim Books
Our Rating: (5/5)
We all know of many board books that introduce basic terminology to babies & tots. Just like those, this book is designed for the same exact purpose.
Teaching children about the first objects or places they should know about; with the inclusion of words like Zam Zam, & places like the Kaaba.
The book has photographic images & shows fruits, eatables, drinks, colors, numbers, arabic alphabet, places to go & everyday objects baby can identify.
Topics the book covers are as follows;
Food & Drink,
Learning Tools,  
Using your Hands,
Actions for Praying,
Numbers &
the Arabic Alphabet.

I’d like to thank Little Muslim Books for sending me free book copies in exchange for honest reviews. All thoughts are my own & I wish this awesome mommy venture the best.
Happy Board Book Reading,
Mimi.  🙂
PS: Make early literacy count by adding these treasures to your shelf.


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