It’s Jummah! |REVIEW

It’s Jummah!


Teach your child about the Special Sunnahs of this Extra Special Day.

Written by: Najia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliyev

Illustrated by Zainab Irshad
Recommended Ages:Birth-2 
Rating- [4/5]
Available for purchase at the following links, 2 CURIOUS HEARTS and AMAZON
We are all familiar with the the lifelong benefits of early literacy and the pivotal role they play in a child’s scholastic achievements.
We are also keen on providing resources to our future bookworms & many a times as parents have felt the lack of Muslim resources.
The gaping hole in Muslim Baby Literature was felt by the ladies behind, 2CURIOUS HEARTS & their venture to fill the gap was a requirement for parents & young ones everywhere. Read into their STORY and find out more about their vision and more board-book wonder).
A colorfully fun, sweet and straight-forward board book, perfect to teach your lil’ ones about the etiquettes of Jummah.
My first thoughts when I glanced at the cover & book title?
How wonderful! Finally, a board book for babies about Jummah Prayers. (Had never before seen baby literature pertaining to JUMMAH).
I actually double-checked the internet, and I guess it’s safe to say that this is the first board-book to cover Friday Prayers, for our tiniest readers. 
While reading it to STORY MONSTER (for those of you who don’t know, he’s the littlest, most tireless reader of the family), realization struck!
I had never told him the name of the day we attempted to go to the mosque weekly, as a family! I took that as the perfect opportunity and explained, not sure he understood) but plan to make it a point to read this book before starting our Friday Sunnah’s every week, iA. That is exactly what makes having this book special! A little book-reading Jummah tradition every Friday! Something to lay the emphasis on the weekly rituals with a fun and poetic start.
Why poetic, you say?
Well, that’s another story. After completion, we re-read it, this time singing as we paused at every page, gaining meaning with every illustration. I found STORY MONSTER merrily singing to himself (best as he could) while flipping through the pages afterwards. ( I totally recommend singing with this book).
Check out my insta-stories later this week for an inside scoop of the book. Thank you so much to 2CURIOUS HEARTS for sending me this book to review.
Wishing your team the very best.
Happy Jummah always,
Mimi. 😊

6 thoughts on “It’s Jummah! |REVIEW

  1. That was nice! A book on Jummah for the young ones, that is a good way of educating young children about the importance of Jummah, what could be a challenge to do without pictorial help. Great work!!

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  2. Great! Jazakillah khair for sharing this! I was just looking for something like this to read at my craft camp! I’ve been using an old book I found at our local Islamic School! I’ll try to get my hands on this for my next camp, inshallah!

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