Meet Yasmin | REVIEW

Art by: Hatem Note: Review of Advance Reader Copy Provided by Capstone | Book Releases August 1, 2018Tales With Mimi Book Rating:

Four Story Titles-

Yasmin the Explorer: After reading about explorers with her Baba, Yasmin decides to become one herself! Now all she needs is a map for her explorations. Find out what adventures or misadventures await her.

Yasmin the Painter: An art competition, a special prize, and Yasmin, the Painter. Time for some creativity! Join Yasmin for her artsier pursuit!

Yasmin the Builder: Building a city for a class project, sounds exciting! With a lack of ideas, will Yasmin be able to pull through this time?

Yasmin the Fashionista: Grandparents, boredom and no parents for Yasmin, all equate to a whole new level of fun or follies? Laugh and smile while you read this last story.

Meet Yasmin, is a beautifully diverse chapter book, one that provides a look into the life of your average Pakistani-American family. 

Yasmin, is a charmingly exuberant, second grader and her stories fully captivated my children. Upon hearing Yasmin call her father, “Baba”(they use that for their Father too), my older two questioned in unison, “She calls her Dad, Baba?” When I told them Yasmin was a Pakistani like them,  their little faces lit up as they hung onto every word till the very end. My little audience’s reactions were priceless at Yasmin’s hilariously illustrated expressions throughout the book.

Yasmin is a curiously adventurous kid, one who makes mistakes, the perfect character-blend for the independent, emergent, or even reluctant reader to stay intrigued. Her escapades have inspired our household to explore, build and have our very own Eid Show after Ramadan! Don’t you just love a book that sparks kid creativity?

I highly recommend this book which seems to be a family favorite in our household already. This book is a must-have for all home, public and classroom libraries. I thank Capstone Publishing & the Author, Saadia Faruqi for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Wait, there’s more good news-

It’s always hard to bid Farewell to a good book. The Author has thoughtfully ended the book with some extra-content for the reader, hence making it easier to part with the book. Content includes a Craft, Facts About Pakistan, a recipe, an Urdu Glossary and a Think About It, Talk About It section.

Saadia Faruqi |

Hatem Aly |

Picture Window Books
An imprint of Capstone

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