About me

Welcome to my corner of the bookish blogosphere!

A place for folks wanting to discover tales for their little Muslim bookworms (or to be bookworms i.e)!

This place is for you if you’re trying to find tales;

  • From Muslim Children’s Literature (if your child is Muslim, it’s more than vital for her/him to see themselves as protagonists. No matter what you believe in, the time calls for a positive portrayal of Muslim children through storytelling),

Does that sound like something up your book alley? If yes, then join me here for some bookish tales along with tidbits from my life and Educational Resources.

I read aloud to my kids who are aged 7, 5 and 2 almost every day. They absolutely relish storytime which doesn’t necessarily have to be before bed but could be at dinner, in the car, and at a restaurant. I started sharing our journey on my bookstagram account a while ago.

 After months of bookstagramming I felt I officially needed to start a blog for my family’s reading adventures, which my kids help me rate! So here I am!  It’s a family project and together we navigate our world with words and illustrations. 

As a Muslim who loves her faith, I hope to spread understanding and tolerance of it through the narratives of Muslim authors.

I’m a RAHM (Read at home mom) who loves every shade of blue and a teacher by profession. After a decade of teaching, I am a believer in improved learning through the art of storytelling. 

I like to read, eat, cook/bake, organize and craft. I also like to daydream about myself as the adventurous outdoorsy kind! Currently, I’m far from that image and am leading the life of a  dedicated homebody with regular caffeine doses. I love coffee but usually prefer ‘chai’ (Pakistani). I’m an extroverted introvert (or vice versa) and need to be by myself after socializing much. I live in Naperville, Illinois and the weather here gives me an excuse to stay indoors! I have a loving and supportive husband who is only human and is rarely unenthusiastic about our latest scoop on reading. Please subscribe and connect with me on my social media platforms,



While you wait for me to update my blog you can check out my book reviews here,

Good Reads


Keep Smiling,

Mehreen (or if that’s sheer torture to your tongue, call me Mimi).

P.S: Don’t get me wrong I love my name which means ‘moonlight’ and ‘loving’ but also feel that the linguistic struggle is really unnecessary.





12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Yaay welcome in 🙂

    Loved your intro specially the RAHM aand the classical extroverted introvert hahaha.

    Hoping to read the most abt girls who become their one heroins 😉

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  2. Reblogged this on Shamz.com and commented:
    This blog is worth following. In fact every mom should be following you as I find that your writing style, grammar, design and outlook is excellent. It is very rare that one comes across someone who is able to create and illustrate stories and lessons with such articulate pleasure and wisdom. Well done and may Allah swt grow your followers as well as your business from strength to strength. I was honestly bowled over by the quality if your articles and writibg skills and I am not always able to be in awe of many bloggers, but I love love love your blog!
    Please if you don’tmind, can you check out my blog and post cinstructive criticism. I would love to hear your thoughts too on my blog. Jazakallahukhair!

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